Mike Feuer has dedicated his life to making our communities better places for us to live, fighting for our seniors and kids, standing up to the NRA, Wall Street and environmental polluters. Now he is taking that passion to running for Mayor of Los Angeles.

When endorsing Mike for a second term, the Los Angeles Times wrote, "Feuer has set a standard that future attorneys should strive to meet." The Times described how Mike “has made the L.A. city attorney’s office one of the city’s top-flight law firms — a destination not merely for career City Hall lawyers, but for sharp young law school graduates and seasoned lawyers in the private sector. That has helped him use the office to curb improper housing practices, combat crimes that until recent years were assigned by law to the district attorney, protect consumers from abusive practices (as in his action against Wells Fargo), and take national leadership in the fight against gun violence.”


Mike will bring this same accomplished, focused leadership to the Mayor’s office.


Dedication and commitment are ingrained in Mike. “Public service has always been fundamental to me. My family has everything to do with that. My dad barely survived a Nazi prisoner of war camp in World War II. He emerged determined to use his time on earth to perform the most important work in the world. For him, that was educating kids. My dad’s example led me to public service.”

Early in his career, Mike worked for Tom Bradley, L.A.’s first African-American Mayor, when he ran for Governor. Mayor Bradley inspired Mike with his vision of a society united across race and class.


For 8 years, Mike led Bet Tzedek, the House of Justice, providing free legal help to our most vulnerable neighbors facing unlawful eviction or the loss of their health care.


He brought those values to elected office, where he served on the Los Angeles City Council, the California State Assembly and currently as L.A. City Attorney. Now he brings those values to his campaign for Mayor.


“Yes, I’m idealistic,” says Mike. “I believe we need to be there for each other. I believe there must be quality and integrity in government. I believe in acting boldly, in testing our limits, in unlocking potential. I believe, profoundly, in the future of Los Angeles.”


For Mike, Los Angeles is a collection of unique and diverse neighborhoods,“Ask Angelenos about life in our city, and they’ll begin with how they feel about life on their block. A well-run City pays close attention to what happens on those blocks. As City Attorney, I more than tripled the number of problem-solving lawyers working in our neighborhoods; created a neighborhood - based justice reform program that helps offenders turn their lives around; and focused on neighborhood school safety. As Mayor, I'll follow this model, embedding staff from City Hall in L.A.'s neighborhoods to support your priorities."

No issue moves Mike more than homelessness, “No one should have to live on the streets. We need even more urgently to create housing and services, and I have specific ideas on how to accomplish that. At the same time, we’ve got to assure our public spaces are safe and accessible for all of us. Striking that balance will require taking our city’s best efforts to a whole new level. I have the experience to do that.”


Mike is optimistic about Los Angeles, asserting, “Our best days are ahead of us. If elected Mayor, I’ll do all in my power to tackle our toughest problems with focused, determined, and, I’ll admit, impatient leadership, and inspire Angelenos to work as one community…to stand together…and with our collective strength, lift up each other.”



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